Friday, March 18, 2011

Stay away! Or how 'bout not ringing the doorbell.

Since moving into our house it seems like we get someone knocking on our door almost once a day about something or other. Yesterday it happened twice. I'm a pretty private person so I'm not a huge fan of someone showing up at my door every day, but I can get over that. The bigger problem is that they always ring the door bell at least once, and there is usually one, if not two kids sleeping, which are then no longer sleeping. A few weeks ago one of the blogs I follow, Pretty Handy Girl, did a post about this very problem and made a "No Solicitors" sign which fixed the daily doorbellers. So, I decided that a sign was also (hopefully) the solution to my problem. So, I took the wording from hers and another sign I saw, combined them into something I liked, and used my graphic design skills (that are pretty much lying dormant at this point) to make it all pretty because a plain one is just not gonna do.

Then I headed over to Michaels last night because this week their frames are the same price as the Goodwill and bought a frame (and a few more for another project), and then headed home. Then I realized there was no way to hang the frame on the door. Bummer.

So, while the dear husband was xboxing, I cut a few strips of burlap (oh, my beloved burlap *swoon*) and made a rope out of it, whipped out my trusty drill to drill a few holes through the back of my frame, attached my rope with some wire, and it was all done. I love it. It's very me. Anyways, here is the finished product.

For any of you who want to use my sign, I'm giving you that very option. It's currently an 8x10, so just keep that in mind when buying your frame. I did give a little extra room on the sides so that it could be cropped into a different size for any of the rebels out there.


  1. I have a VERY generic sign but I'm creating one in my head that says "No Soliciting, even if you are giving God away for FREE!" I adore the Thin Mint add on. I always answer my door if there is a girl scout on the other side:-)

  2. Sooo cute! Thank you for letting us use the design! Now I need to go dig up a frame! lol Being a former girl scout, I love the thine mint comment!

  3. I love it! I get SO tired of people knocking on my door all the time! & the waking of the sleeping child is a big no no! for me too!

  4. I've always wanted to put up a sign that said "no soliciting unless you've got girl scout cookies!"

  5. This is awesome! Thanks so much for the printable. I put up a vinyl "No Solicitors" sign on the side window of our door but my husband thinks it is rude. This is a much nicer way of saying it.