Friday, January 20, 2012

How Grey's Anatomy Saved My Baby. Theoretically.

I apologize in advance for the terrible pictures. I decided at the last minute of my little project that this would make a good blog post, but I didn't want to wait for the camera battery to charge.

This whole thing started because I may or may not have a slight addiction to Grey's Anatomy. I jumped on the band wagon about oh, seven years after the rest of the world did, but that's usually how it goes with me and the new-fangled moving picture box stories. Yesterday I was watching Grey's, and the episode was about Bailey's son, who is about the same age as my William, climbing up a bookcase, and knocking it over on himself. This caused severe internal injuries. It thoroughly freaked me out because I was having visions of little William doing the exact same thing. He is definitely a climber, and is 1, and a little boy, and is a little dumb when it comes to knowing what will and what won't hurt him. He's also my kid, and I'm a little special that way too...even though I'm not 1. Or a little boy. After seeing this episode I decided that something must be done.

I stopped at Osh on my way to the gym and went to the child safety section to get one of the furniture tie down thingies that I'd seen before. I found these, but I wasn't impressed. It said something about on the back about not leaving the child unsupervised in the room wherever you're using this, and that just isn't very realistic around here. I wanted something that made the bookshelves rather stuck. Besides, these were about $6 bucks, and I needed 6 of them. I then headed to the hardware section, because I had a better idea. I picked up a couple of  boxes or  corner brackets ( 8 for $5), and some dry wall anchors that will hold up to 50lbs. This morning I secured those suckers to the wall.

We have two bookshelves next to each other, so this is showing the inside corners of them. I put one of these on each corner. I'm pretty sure I could climb up those things and they wouldn't go anywhere, so if William tries something, he'd be more likely to break a shelf in half than to pull the whole thing down on him.

I have stuff on top of the bookcases anyways, so you can't even tell that they're there. I feel much better now knowing that I won't have a real-life Grey's Anatomy episode in my living room.

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  1. I just started watching Grey's this year when I got a job at the hospital. Funny how relevant it is sometimes! You're very handy. I need a lady drill.