Thursday, June 21, 2012

Noah's Room

As most of you probably know, I'm 5 months pregnant with Boychild #3. Because of this, William will be moving into what used to be our craft/music/spare room, and Baby will be getting William's old room. William's current room is much closer to our bedroom, and also farther away from the other two, making it easier for me to stumble in there in the middle of the night, and harder for Baby to wake up the two older boys. I knew I wanted to paint William's new room just for him, and I'd never really done anything with Noah's room, so this was my chance. Baby #3's room is also going to be painted, but after William has moved out. Noah's "new room" as he calls it, is done for now except for a new light fixture that I'm going to make for him. I'm sure I'll continue keep adding things and tweaking it after that, but the majority is done. 

Noah's room started as pretty much a nothing. Poor kid had the only room in the house with white walls, and ended up with leftover curtains that didn't go anywhere else. Here you can see, all in one non-camera-phone picture, the wall color, curtains, and his little reading corner. (There's supposed to be a little Noah-sized rocking chair in the corner, but William took it somewhere to climb on.) The IMAGINE letters are fabric-covered cardboard. Cardboard came from a box that was lying around, and the fabric was left over from previous projects. They didn't cost me anything except for some time and glue-gun burns. The curtains are actually shower curtains because regular curtains are just so not fun. I wanted fun. Besides that, you get twice the amount of fabric for the same price and we have massive windows.

To the right is the changing table, (Yes, unfortunately, we still have a changing table in his room. We're working on it. Slowly.) and his frames that are supposed to have 5 Yo Gabba Gabba characters in them, but somebody keeps on figuring out new ways to take them down and pull the pictures out. I found the frames unfinished at Michaels for a few bucks each and spray painted with a can of $1 ReStore paint. I found the Gabba Gabba pictures online and printed them off. The bright orange hamper I found the other day at Ross. There really isn't orange anywhere else in his room except for in the picture above it, but I figured it's a bright color, so it'd work, right? Right.

I painted and put up three clipboards for him to display his artwork. I originally wanted a bulletin board, but quickly realized that with William around, thumbtacks would be dangerous. Would William us them to cause puncture wounds first, or eat first? 

His closet is my favorite-est. This was actually the last thing to get finished. The green is the leftover paint from what will be William's room in a few weeks. We're lucky enough to have a 4 bedroom house, but having 4 bedrooms in a house that was in our price range means that we don't have the largest bedrooms in the world. Because of this, I put his dresser in the closet. There's plenty of room to not have it in the closet, but he just has more room to actually play in his room if the dresser is out of the way. Since it's in the closet, that means that the closet door is opened, and left open a lot. I hated looking in there and seeing those white walls that screamed "UNFINISHED!!!" at me everyday. I've wanted to try stripes somewhere for a while now, and this was my chance. It's a small space, so it wouldn't take forever, and if I failed miserably it wouldn't take much time or money to fix it. Thankfully, they came out beeeeea-U-ti-fully. 

 Look at that there perfectly straight and level stripe. On stupid California textured walls too, I might add. This tape technique works amazingly well, especially if you use the green Frog Tape. When it comes to painting I may or may not turn into Crazy Crazy Painting Lady. Don't worry, I don't subject those around me to my craziness- it's in inward kind of crazy. I'm a perfectionist anyways, but it really comes out when it comes to painting. For example, I do graphic design every once in awhile, to make things for around the house, and also to make a little bit of extra money on the side, and I was literally thinking as I was doing a few painting touch-ups "I just need to fix this pixel right here...." Except for the back striped wall, the rest are the blue that is the rest of this room.  

William's new room is next in line to be decorated, but it's gonna be a few weeks. We have the grandparents coming in from out of town so they'll be staying in the spare room, but after that it'll be time to move William over so that he can get comfortable with his new room before Baby comes.