Saturday, December 4, 2010

What, a new post!? ...and a few random references.

It's been awhile, eh? I'm not sure I've stopped to sit down since we moved last month, hence the lack of blog posts. If only I could post without actually sitting down at the computer....

We're mostly unpacked now, and almost everything has been painted. I still have a second coat of paint to put on part of what has been dubbed the I-Don't-Know Room, the kitchen cabinets need to be painted, and there's another bedroom left to paint. Oh, and touch-ups on the baseboards. A higher priority than all that is getting William's dresser/changing table painted, but I have to wait for Josh to help me bring it inside. Josh is out of town right now, and therefore unable to help me bring it in, so this is the first time in a long time that I've been forced to not do anything during one of Noah's naps.

My latest project has been painting the fireplace, which I just finished about an hour ago. When we moved in....oh boy. It was pretty awful. Just ugly, ugly, ugly. After we made the offer on the house I started looking up ways to paint bricks, and then proceeded to tell Josh that I was going to paint those awful bricks ASAP after we moved in. Josh, being the trusting guy that he is, said, "Ok. What color?" "Well....I'm gonna make them look like brick. Just different." "Uh...ok." Then last week as I was putting on the mortor color he goes, "That seems like a funny color for that." "Well, the bricks aren't going to be red." "Oh, ok." So, without further ado, it's time for "Silly Songs With Larry"- the part of the show where Larry comes out, and sings a silly song.



Pretty drastic difference. I showed Josh the "before" picture a few days ago when the fireplace was only half done, and the only thing he had to say was, "Wow. We bought that?" Hehe. :)
So, a little research, about $30 worth of paint, a whole lot of time, and slight artistic ability, and we now have a pretty fireplace. It even makes the wood stove look a little better.

I've also done my first of what will be many caulking jobs, mostly replaced a faucet (I ran into a road block that I haven't gotten a chance to fix yet), and learned how to replace light fixtures, which I'm now a pro at after replacing 5 of them. Still a couple more left, I just have to find a few wall fixtures that I like.

Noah is doing well. I don't think he realizes yet exactly how is world is about to be changed. He knows what a baby is, and when I ask him if he wants one, he says "yes," so we'll see how this goes. At least he doesn't shake his head "no." (He doesn't say "no" yet.)

He's been talking more lately, which has been nice. Maybe we can put off the whole speech therapy thing. We'll see. In the last week or so he's added "help" and "juice" to his vocabulary. It seems like there were a few more, but I don't remember what they are right now. He's also been trying to say a lot more words when I prompt him. Like, this morning, he wanted some of my tea, so I had him say "tea" before he got some. Yes, drinking hot tea at the age of 2. A little weird, but what else is new?

He's also thrilled to have his very own backyard. Every morning he gets up, eats breakfast, and then asks to go outside. Doesn't matter how cold it is...if it's cold out, he finds his coat and hat, we get him all bundled up, and out he goes.

William is...well, making me giant. Every time I go out somewhere it seems like someone is asking me if I'm having twins. It's not my fault my hips are so stinking narrow and all baby has room to do is go out. Two weeks from Wednesday is when he's scheduled to make his appearance. Hopefully we'll have everything ready for him by then. Josh is betting he comes earlier than that, so we'll see. As of last night, my hospital bag is packed, and last week we went and registered at the hospital where we found out that Noah officially will not be able to come and visit me and his new baby brother. *tear* Stupid flu season. I'll have to go a whole 2 days without seeing my favorite oldest child. Oh well, I'm sure Daddy and Grandma will take good care of him.

Well, until next time, goodnight, sleep tight, auf weidersehn to you.....

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