About Said Housewife

My name is Hannah and I'm a stay at home mom of two little boys, and a small furry canine we call Bob.

 We bought our first house at the end 2010 a few months before our second son was born. The house was a great deal, and in a great location, but of course, needed a little (ok, maybe a lot) of work.

This blog is about all things what I'll call Extreme Housewifely-Like. (Yes, I like to make up words. You'll get used to it, I promise.)Here you'll find my favorite recipes, my DIY projects, of which there are many since The Husband isn't the handiest man alive, refinished furniture (visit my Etsy store!), and the little things I do to help make things a little prettier here in our house in the big valley. (Little House on the Prairie ain't got nothin' on me.) If you want to read about my personal life with the kiddos, visit our family blog at Raising Kidlets.