Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Writing on the Wall

Last fall I started re-decorating our bedroom. A couple of friends saw this and asked if I'd painted it. I think my answer was something like, "Psh, no! The wall is textured! How crazy do you think I am?!" Well, apparently they were right about my levels of sanity. Actually, they were overstating my sanity levels.

Our church recently moved into a new building and we're in the process of painting verses on the wall. The way they've been doing it, using a projector to project the image up on the wall, trace, and paint, I've known about for a long time in the back of my mind, but dismissed it because who has a projector at their beck and call? Because of my husband's job (of the last 5 years, I might add), he has access to a projector that they've been using. So yeah, I've come to find out that I am in fact, one of those  people that has a projector at their beck and call, and have been for the last 5 years. Or at least, a husband at her beck and call who can get her a projector. 

Photo Credit
 I came across this quote on Pinterest, adjusted it slightly for our family, projected it up on the wall, and went to town. Two weeks and several degrading remarks about textured walls later, it was finished. It probably wouldn't have taken as long to do it if I weren't setting everything down every five minutes to get a small dark-haired boy untangled from cables 
behind the tv....

This is the finished project. I love it.

This is what was there before, but because of doors slamming on the other side of the wall, they always ended up crooked....or a tall person would walk a little too close to the wall as they were turning the corner to go down the hallway and knock one (or two) off the wall. The pictures have now moved to their new home in the hallway, and one has yet to be knocked down. (Yay!)