Home Decor and DIY Projects. Such As.

Every once in a while, ok, more often than that, I'll get an idea in my head, and decide that it must be done. Now. I don't have a whole lot of patience when it comes to project getting done. I'm so bad that I have a hard time waiting for glue to dry....or paint....or pretty much anything that takes any time at all to do its thing before I can do with it what I want. Here you'll find my little projects- some work, some don't. I'll show you both varieties just so that you know that those of us in blog word aren't perfect. Well, maybe some of us are, just not me. I can be special like that.

Mini Bathtub Looking Thingies

Fail: Book Wreath

From Dumpster to Bathroom (Is that really a step up?)

Mirrors Need Cover-up Too

Cabinet Make-Over


To Those With Pesky Door-bell Ringers: I Am Your Hero

Pop Tarts!

Best. Microwave Stand. Ever.

Boy-Child #2's Nursery

Hand-Dryer Be-Gone!

I Can Sorta Sew. I Think.

Somehow I Found Time to Finish This. (Tree Skirt)

Hey, My Grandparent's Had That! (Magazine Rack)

Chalkboards, Cupboard Doors, Same Thing. Really.

Kitchen Light Fixture

Bookshelf Tour

Cheapest Wall Art Ever

Chalkboard Bowl