Monday, December 13, 2010

Dressing up a bathroom

I recently finished working on the first phase of "let's make a presentabe guest bathroom." Phase two, will include repainting the baseboards, which should be done soon, and repainting the cabinets under the sink. Not sure when that will get done. Someday I'll probably decide I want a new shower curtain and bath rug since the ones we have are stained with who-knows-what, but for now, it's what we have.

Here is the before picture-

Yes, that is an automatic hand dryer....and the old-school soap dispenser. I really have no words. I have no idea why that was there in the first place. There are so many strange things about this house that at this point I just kinda go with it. Anyways, both of those little gems had to go. As cool as it is to say that "my house has a hand dryer," I think I'm perfectly content to say "my house USED to have a hand dryer." The hand dryer now resides with our friend Andrew who took it down for me. For some reason he wanted it. Eh, whatever floats his boat. I managed to get the soap thing down, by just taking out a couple screws. I painted, hung a picture er, window, put up some curtains, scraped some grout, put in a new toilet paper holder, and towel bar, caulked around the bathtub, and it looks so much better. Yes, I scraped grout. For some reason someone not in their right mind decided to put down new grout in the tile without taking the old grout out. Therefore, the new grout kept chipping out making the floor look awful. So, I decided that there was no reason for the new grout to be there when the old stuff looked better anyways, so I got down on the floor with a putty knife, and an hour later, we had no new grout. Here is our after picture-

The red thing on the counter is there for Christmas, but in general, this is what it'll look like. I'm thinking there needs to be a picture or something above the toilet. I'll have to go through my stash of pictures in the closet and see if I can find something that works.

No more hand dryer! Instead there's this old window that I picked up at a thrift store. It already had a mirror in it, which I thought was pretty nifty, so I just painted, distressed slightly, and put in our picture of the wild horses on the beach at Cumberland Island. Josh and I went to Cumberland Island for a camping trip with our youth group while we were "dating" and we got this picture. Now I finally have the perfect place to put it. Here's a close up of my window.

I thought the window needed a little somethin', so I put the little curlycue doo-hickies down at the bottom corner. That's my limited painting abilities, right there. So anyways, that's our bathroom until phase 2 is done. Adios!

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