Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To those with a Winco near you!

A few days ago I went to Winco to buy the things that don't typically go on sale, like the hotdogs Josh likes, milk, spices, etc. Yes, I know milk goes on sale, but around here there's only one brand of milk. Josh has very sensitive taste buds when it comes to milk.

Anyways, I needed some spices for a new grilled chicken recipe (which I'll share once I've perfected it). I went to the spice aisle to grab the spices I needed, and then headed to the bulk food section. I knew they had spices over there, but wasn't sure exactly which spices they had.

Buying spices in bulk is SO much cheaper than not. The spice I needed, ground mustard, to buy it the normal McCormick way, was $2.63 for a teeny tiny little container. Buying it in the bulk food section, I got about 5 times as much for less than $.50. Woo hoo! I couldn't get rid of that little red-topped container fast enough. While I was over there I got a few other things I knew I was low on. I got a ton of cinnamon, the previously mentioned ground mustard, and a whole bunch of wheat germ, all for about $3. To buy the wheat germ by itself, in a container, is over $6, and I got SO much more for so much less moo-la. So, moral of the story, get your spices in the bulk food section at Winco. SO much cheaper!


  1. I do this, too, and store them in babyfood jars and mason jars.

  2. I'll remember that in a few months when I have some around. :) For now they're just in Ziplock bags.