Friday, August 5, 2011

Oh, how I love thee

This little shelf started out in the garbage one Saturday morning, only to be put out at a yardsale later that day to see if anyone wanted her. I drove by that particular yardsale, and stopped ONLY because I saw this lonely little shelf leaned up against the house. That's how this shelf ended up coming home with me. I've been excited about this one, but obviously not excited enough to actually take pictures of it and put it up for sale. Maybe I subconsciously wanted to keep it, for no other reason than to just look at the knob on it. I love the knob on it. Tonight was the night however, that I took pictures, and put it up for sale. This is the shelf that is the button to my Etsy Store ( The Shabby Corner) up there on the right. I like it so much, it's there always on my blog. Now for the unveiling-

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